About Gallatin Valley Seed & Agraplus

“Peas are nutritious vegetable and contribute to the World’s needs to feed its population and also contribute to farm economies as an important crop rotation.”

Agraplus purchased the pea program from Syngenta Seeds because we believe peas are an important contributor in many ways to the farm economies and to our need to feed people nutritious food.  Large seed companies continue to focus on high margin vegetable species and breeding of peas has continued to decline.  Gallatin Valley Seed Company started in the Gallatin Valley area of Bozeman, Montana in 1913 and it is our intent that it will remain a strong advocate for peas in the future. 

Organization and Operations

Breeding and stock seed:

Matheus Baseggio, Sweet Corn Breeder and Felix Navarro, Legume Breeder continues to advance these proven genetics. Gallatin Valley Seed has a commitment to provide quality seed and innovative genetic portfolio to our customers. Our varieties are evaluated in trials throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Our primary objective is to supply our customers with high performing quality varieties that suit their specific needs.