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Sweet Corn

Gallatin Valley Seed is working with Seneca Vegetable Research, Inc. and Matheus Baseggio, Sweet Corn Breeder to develop processing type sweet corn varieties. We have been screening lines for multiple seasons and are starting to find products that will husk, cut and recover well in sweet corn processing. As we continue this effort more varieties should become available for the processing industry. Gallatin Valley Seed is excited to offer this new product line to our customers.

Harvest Gold

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Harvest Gold is a robust first early yellow super-sweet hybrid that has very good early emergence and vigor that yields and recovers well across a wide range of environmental conditions. Harvest Gold possesses an excellent disease package containing the Rp1- d, g and i rust resistance genes, resistance to common smut but is highly susceptible to NCLB and Stewart’s wilt. Harvest Gold can be used with most soil applied herbicides and has good tolerance to nicosulfuron “Accent®, Primero® or ADAPT®.”

Harvest Gold Sweet Corn Key Attributes: Maturity: Plant Traits: Seed Type: Resistance:


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GV7433 is a robust Bi-Color Super- Sweet Hybrid that consistently yields and recovers very well across a wide range of environmental conditions; GV7433 also demonstrates good emergence and early vigor for a super-sweet. The variety has also been noted for its ability to stand well during heavy winds. GV7433 possesses an excellent rust disease package containing the RpGI rust resistance gene and has moderate tolerance to NCLB.

GV7433 Sweet Corn Key Attributes: Kernel Type:
  • Bi-Color Super Sweet
  • Moderate tenderness
  • Good sweetness and flavor
  • Plant height of 88”
  • Ear set height of 25”
  • Strong field yields
  • High recovery
  • Husks well
Disease Resistance:
  • Common rust resistance, contains the RpGI gene
  • Moderate Tolerance to NCLB

    • Note: All variety information presented herein is based on field and laboratory observation. Actual crop yield, quality, and level of claimed pest and pathogen resistances, are dependent upon many factors beyond our control and NO WARRANTY is made for crop yield, quality, and level of claimed pest and pathogen resistances. Since environmental conditions and local practices may affect variety characteristics and performance, we disclaim any legal responsibility for these. Read all tags and labels. They contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranties and remedies.